Say “Hello” to Privacy with Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Shades
One of our favorite shade features, top down bottom up shades, present a plethora of privacy and light control options. So if you enjoy complete privacy – to the tune of watching Sunday morning cartoons in your boxers, while still enjoying a bit of sunshine, this blog post is perfect for you!

Everyone needs privacy in their home; your life shouldn’t be an open book for your neighbors. You may think achieving complete privacy in your home is a simple task, but think again, it can be difficult.

Nosey Neighbors

Nearly half of the world’s population lives in a dense urban environment. If you are happen to be one of the billions, let us introduce a window treatment that is perfect for you – top down bottom up cellular window shades.

The reason we love top down bottom up shades so much is that they give you both the aforementioned features that we’ve been talking about, privacy and light. You can make your room private and darkened by lowering the shade (granted it’s a blackout shade). But then if you want some light to enter in, just open it up slightly from the top.

The flexibility of opening the shade from two different places gives you complete control of the light and provides you the privacy that you need from neighbors and those who pass by on the street.

While the top own bottom up options costs a little more than standard cellular shades, it’s totally worth it. If you happen to have children in your home, we recommend that you choose our cordless top down bottom up option.

Ready to order a top down bottom up shades for your home? Contact the team at today at (877) 966-3678. Our designers can walk you through the ordering process, help you answer any questions that may have and give you free samples should you decide that you want to see our cellular fabric before you order.

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