Shades vs. Blinds, What’s the Big Difference?


Here at, we get asked this question all the time. “What’s the difference between shades and blinds? Many people think that the two are the same; but the two words describe very difference window treatments!


Window shades are considered “soft” window treatments because they are made of fabrics on a continuous roll that cover up a large window opening. Shades are meant to fit tightly on the top and should stack neatly. Because they are “soft” window treatments, the fabric is warm and flows well.

Shades offer a decent range in light control; the more open your shade is, the more light you let in. But they lack the movable slats that accompany blinds, which offer  light control while maintaining privacy more efficiently.  The most popular shade types are Roman Shades, Roller Shades and our personal favorite, Cellular Shades.

Cellular Shades


Blinds are considered “hard” window treatments because they and comprised of vanes and slats that come down as the blind is lowered. Blinds are typically controlled with a manual pull cord. They can have their slats adjusted for light control and privacy. Different angles allow different amount of light in the home. Out of all the blind types, mini blinds, vertical blinds, woven wood, wood and faux wood tend to be the most popular among homeowners!

Blinds (2)

Here at, we only sell cellular shades to our customers. It’s in our opinion that cellular shades are the best window treatment available on the open market because of their energy efficient qualities and durability through multiple seasons.  To learn more about our shades, contact a member of our customer service team today at (877) 966-3678.

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