Spring Thaw?

Most of us in the North look forward to days like today… It’s 46 degrees! Blue Skies! SUN! In spring, a young man’s fancy may turn to love, but a North-Easterner’s thoughts first turn to how the snow banks have dwindled — and then to whether the basement is still dry or not!

Spring Thaw

And here, at CellularWindowShades, thoughts also turn to homeowners and their shade requirements. Some are definitely wanting tospruce up the home decor – and those people have taken advantage of our tidy little 10% off all Yellow shades sale. The thaw has a few among us dreaming of the heated days to come — and wondering how people in the West will cope this year with skylights letting in the hot summer sun.

I “attended” a great webinar yesterday, hosted by the mighty Hunter-Douglas. All about measuring from a designer’s point of view. The problems, the concerns, the what-to-watch-fors.

The best piece of advice that I can pass along straightaway is the idea that the most important measurement taken is the top of the window measurement – if you measure for an inside mount application. Hadn’t we just received an email from a customer whose new shade would not fit in because the end caps made the headrail too wide!

We’ve long advised inquiring customers to measure in three places: top, middle and bottom. HD went one better by adapting the old handyman’s adage: measure twice, and write the measurements down as you go along. As always, for inside mounting a cellular shade, you want the narrowest width among those three measurements when ordering your shade.
More handy measuring tips later!

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