Spruce up Your Apartment’s Décor with New Window Treatments!

Appartment Decor

You’re a recent college graduate, and just got your first job. Moving in to your first post-college apartment is a big deal. Things seem to be going to great until you realize that you’re running on a tight budget, and while you won’t be living in this apartment forever, you still want it to feel warm and welcoming.

For starters, a good way to get your apartment feeling like “home” is with new window treatments. New window treatments will open your room up and even give it the appearance that it’s larger than it actually is. Think of your window treatments as an investment. When you purchase cellular shades, there may be a bit of an upfront costs associated with owning them. In the long run, however, they will pay for themselves.

You might be thinking, how do they pay for themselves?

Our cellular shades have excellent insulating properties because we use a soft and durable bonded polyester material. In the summertime they will keep your home cool, reducing the amount of work required on your air conditioning unit. In the wintertime they will insulate your cold windows, reducing heat from escaping you home, which helps with heating costs.

To learn more about our cellular shades and to see if they might be a good fit for your apartment, contact one of our designers at 877-966-3678. We can also send you free sample swatches, so you can get a feel for what our fabric feels like and how it might look in your apartment.

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