5 Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall!

Fall is here, bringing with it glorious foliage, cold nights, and visits from loved ones near and far. Whether you’re planning on entertaining company or keeping it quiet this fall, check out these five simple DIY projects and tips to warm up your home with fall-themed décor for an easy way to appreciate the season to the fullest.

Stay Warm:

It’s the time of year when friends and family come to visit. An easy way to make them feel welcome into your warm home is by cozying up the entryway! Set up a bench or a couple chairs beside an entry table for company to take off their shoes or even just sit and talk as they shake off the cold!



And then keep the warm welcome coming! Make the living room the most delightful place to settle down after a fine meal or a brisk afternoon walk by filling deep, woven baskets with blankets and plush pillows for company to snuggle up with. Have some family board games, photo albums, or storybooks available for entertainment. If you’ve got a fireplace, light it up or fill it with candles! Keep a neat pile of firewood next to the fireplace for added charm.

Centerpieces of Plenty:

Fall tradition relies heavily on the bounty of the earth, so use what’s in season to emulate that same feeling at your dinner table! Create a harvest-themed centerpiece by filling a basket with apples, gourds, and pinecones. Or take some small, colorful branches from outside and set them up in a vase with water. Include late-blooming flowers like aster and goldenrod for added color and texture. When you’re hosting a gathering, prepare a gorgeous edible centerpiece with rich-toned raspberries, plums, pears, concord grapes, and chestnuts!


Get Crafty:

Make a fall wreath to hang on your front door with twigs, nuts, berries, pinecones, leaves, and seedpods! Instructions here.

Mason jar sconces are a fun and easy craft you can make out of jars and twine. Add some cinnamon sticks and either real or LED candles to add some truly pleasant warmth! Instructions here. 



Bonus Tip: Make sure your guest room is suited with top down/bottom up double cell blackout cellular shades. These shades prevent the most heat transfer and allow your company to have all the light control they need! It’s a subtle touch, but it’s sure to make their stay even lovelier.

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