Winter is Coming, Insulate Before it’s Too Late!

Winter is Coming

If you get this meme, kudos to you

It’s late Fall in Vermont, the leaves are getting crisp and the temperature is headed lower and lower every week! At home, the heat is finally on and we’re expecting our utility bills to rise each month through February. Thankfully, we have honeycomb shades to help offset the costs of our energy bills.

After countless studies and customer testimonials, our Symphony insulating shades are proven to help reduce your energy bills. In fact, if you have a bare widow opening, it’s low hanging fruit because heat (your hard earned $$) is essentially escaping out of your window.

Rvalue Cellular Shades

A proprietary study, on the left a window without one of our shades. Then on the right, you’ll see our shades increase its temperature by nearly 40 degrees.  It’s a no brainer right?

Take our advice; don’t head into the winter months with an untreated window. Whether it’s a cellular shades or another warm window treatment (event a blanket!) you’re going to be so much better off financially if you can button up your bare windows.

Think about the bottom line and your financial situation. With the money you saved from your utility bills you can put it towards so many fun things. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or a trip to a cozy mountainside retreat.

Winter is coming, are you ready for it?

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