6 Problems to Solve with Window Treatments


When customers call in looking for cellular shades, they often have problems that they are trying to solve. We hear questions like, how can my windows look taller? How can I make my home feel warmer? Can I reduce glare in the afternoon when the sun is high?

These are very important questions to have answered. You’ll be amazed what the right window treatment can do to create a warm and functional home. Here are 6 problems that are often solved by choosing the right window treatment

1. Decorative Appeal With Function

Window treatments are a necessity; they provide light control, privacy and insulation. You need to figure out what functions you need for your home. With all of the current fabric and materials available, you’ll be able to find a treatment that can handle the most demanding needs.

The next important aspect of this process is picking a treatment that stands out. You need your windows to be an extension of your personality, think of them as a blank canvas!


As you can see, these window treatments not only perform well when it comes to privacy and the filtering of light, but they also give the room an extra dash of flavor.

2. Extra Warming Touch

If you have a room that’s dark and doesn’t feel very “homey,” then be sure to use the treatments to warm up the room. The right treatment can offset bad tones, giving you a relaxed and cozy environment.


3. Light Control and Privacy

We touched on this already, but this the main purpose of any shade. You don’t want unwanted eyes peering into your home; you also want light control that allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

You can choose between blackout shades and regular light filtering cellular shades depending on your needs. For bedrooms, we always recommend blackout shades. For other areas of the house where natural light is welcomed, regular Symphony light filtering shades are the perfect option.

4. Energy Efficiency

This is something that many people aren’t familiar with, but cellular window shades reduce the utility costs for homeowners year round.  In the winter time they keep the heat in, during the summer time they prevent cool air from leaving the home.


5. Filter Noise

This is another lesser known fact about cellular and honey comb window treatments, they filter out noise from the outside. If you live in an urban environment, these treatments could be just what you’ve been looking for!


6. Illusion of a Larger Room

If you have a confined space that needs to open up, the right window treatment could be exactly what your home needs. Cellular shades are especially good at hiding flaws like different window heights.


Window treatments can solve many problems. From keeping unwelcome neighbors from looking into your home to reducing your utility bills, they overcome many obstacles. For additional design information, check out the rest of our blog or speak to an interior specialist at (877) 966-3678.

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