Add Rustic Décor to Your Home to Create a Unique Space

Rustic Home

You can create a unique, one-of-a-kind look in your home by adding elegant rustic décor to your interior space. Elements like wood and neutral colors will warm up your space. You may think that turning your home into a “rustic” space will be difficult to achieve. However, this isn’t the case. If you follow the steps below we will help you find a cost effective solution for your space!

Pallet Furniture:

Often used in warehouses, lately pallet furniture has been a hot trend for those within the do it yourself community. The look and feel of this furniture is very rustic; you can often pick these up from local shippers very reasonably.

Pallett Furniture

Distressed Wood:

Another important staple in rustic décor is distressed wood. You can incorporate this in your home in many different ways. I’m personally a big fan of rustic dinner tables, like the one depicted below. They make for a great conversation peace, especially at your next diner party.

Distressed Table


Flowers compliment any interior design, be it contemporary, modern or rustic. Add flowers to your rustic space and you will reap instant benefits.


Stone Décor:

Rocks, stones and tiles complement rustic décor exceptionally well. Out of all the aforementioned elements, these can be the priciest. If you’re constrained to a budget, you can find stones to add to interior accents on your own, especially if you live near a beach.

Stone Decor

Window Treatments:

No rustic home is complete without a set of proper window treatments. To match some of your new rustic décor, pick out our cellular treatments that are available in darker colors. Our double cell blackout coffee bean color is perfect for bedrooms where light isn’t wanted. For living rooms where you want to open up your space, pick out our double cell light filtering fabric which comes in a nice Vienna Wood and Espresso fabric colors.

Making your interior rustic should be a fun and fulfilling experience. Check back to the blog for more interior design tips and company updates. For cellular window treatment ideas, browse our current cellular produccts and contact our design team should you have any questions regarding our products.

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