Make Your Home Office Multifunctional!


Currently 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week. With new technological advancements in how people collaborate and communicate remotely, this number is expected to continue to grow! You don’t need to have a room or area that’s dedicated as a home office, but it’s important that you have a small area out of which you can work efficiently.

While it’s nice to have a room that’s filled with natural light, you still need to be able to have a glare free computer screen. For this, we recommend that you pick out light filtering cellular shades. Light filtering shades reduce 99% of all light. This will allow you to work from your space without dealing with glares!

Should you decide that you want to let some natural light inside your office space, you can equip your shades with the top down bottom up option. Top down bottom add-ons for our cellular shades lets you open up the shade from both the top and the bottom.

To learn more about outfitting your office area with shades, contact’s service team or check out cellular shade products pages where you can get spec and product information.

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