Changing Your Shades without Compromising Your Traditional Interior

If your shades have stood the test of time and you want to replace them without compromising your traditional interior, you’re in luck. Fabric selection today among those seeking a traditional look is abundant!


Consider choosing rich colors or the current look of plaids and stripes which have become softer in their color contrasts and watercolor-like lines. Mix and match your desired style and browse through our free swatches to compare and contrast with the other elements of your home. (more…)

Market Ready?

A useful article surfaced in the last (21 Sept 2011) New York Times “home” section – especially as the push is on, here in the north, to sell a home/buy a home before the snow flies!

The Tim McKeough series on preparing your home for being “Market Ready” purports to be the first in a series. You’ll find some useful items in this installment:

• Does wall color — for instance, a bright red or perky pink — inhibit potential buyers from “picturing themselves” at home in your space?
• Should you upgrade kitchen appliances, especially if they are “dated” (ie, in color) though still in good working condition?

Readers can even submit their own questions about “home repairs or decorating in preparation for selling”!

Market Ready (more…)

Dye Lot Dilemma

From Wikipedia, which spends most of this article’s discussion of dye lots by referencing knitting/crocheting projects, towards the end comes up with this handy little tidbit for other “walks of life.”

Dye lot in other uses

Use of the same dye lot or run number may also be important in other applications, such as: Wallpaper, fabrics for drapes and other uses, carpets, flooring, tiles, etc.

Add to that cellular shade fabrics!

Have you ever tried to match Whites? All whites are not created equal!

How about Blacks? Some are blue, others are a stark black.

Or Reds that are slightly more or less orange.

This is similar to a Dye Lot Dilemma — one batch of dye will rarely match exactly another batch. Add into that mix, for window shades, daily usage, in windows, and you’ve a scenario where “a good match” will be all one can hope for rather than pining for “an exact match”. (more…)

Therapy for Your Apartment!

As much as we all might wish to live in large houses — with terrific views, on extensive tracts of land — the U.S. is a nation where more of us live in metropolitan areas, sometimes even in highrise buildings.


One of the greatest inventions for the shade industry is the top down bottom up shade. The one pictured above is pulled down more than half-way, but it illustrates the wonderful privacy versus light debate that you don’t necessarily have to address. (more…)

Saving Antiques through Window Treatments

Last week I spoke with a Californian who still gets too much sun, despite having obtained tinting for the windows.

We all know the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. In researching for this piece, I unearthed this article dealing with Pittsburgh’s CLAYTON MANSION. Built in 1860, “a gem of Victorian architecture”, the Clayton Mansion houses “priceless antiques, art, handpainted wallpaper, and rare fabrics”.

Clayton Mansion

Clayton was the home of Henry Clay Frick. According to the museum’s website, the Fricks purchased Clayton for $25,000 in 1882. The house was smaller then: eleven rooms, and on 1.43-acres of land. “An astonishing 93% of the artifacts in the house are original”. (more…)

Decorate WITH Windows?

We’ve got a couple NATE BERKUS fans here at, thanks to his show being added to the daytime lineup on a local TV station. And who among us can resist a great home decor “ideas” show?!

And just look at these questions, listed on his website under “BE ON THE SHOW”:

• Do you have a SCARY basement? (yow!)
• Is your housing LIVING IN THE PAST? (ouch!)

A favorite Burlington store used to give people the ability to search around and pick out SALVAGED items — from doors and windows, to one-of-a-kind fireplace surrounds or wide-board wood flooring. So being in the “window shade” business, many in our firm shouted out “What a great idea!” when it was mentioned that The Nate Berkus Show did an episode on “Window Art”.

Now, we’ve all seen some lovely antique stained glass windows and “oohed”, secretly wishing to remove them and take them home. Nate is less felonious: he discussed taking salvaged windows, shutters, even screens — and “repurposing” them. Whether as art to hang on your walls, or in use as room dividers, the watchword was “Take something OLD and find a NEW purpose for it!” The possibilities are only limited by your imagination — and your finds. (more…)

Versailes – in France, at home

Another article included in the recent issue of HOME TEXTILE TODAY unveils the latest stylings for bedding — inspired by the Court of Versailles! You might imagine the rich, luxurious fabrics; the garden-full of colors; the voluptuousness of fluffed duvets and throw pillows.
So, you might ask, has this to do with Cellular Window Shades?

Think of fabrics like toile and damasks; duvets patterned all over with florals; sheetings edged with laces and eyelets — and now, with those in mind, take a look at “specialty fabrics” in Symphony’s light filtering range: (more…)

Add a little Color

ColorWe can be pretty “bland” when we want to be: white walls, beige carpets, undressed windows. So how about bringing into your home a bit of the outside or the season?!
Although it’s only a week-plus into September, here in Vermont we’ve seen the leaves on sometrees begin to turn. (Oh, no! winter can’t be far behind, can it??)

But what beautiful jewel tones can be seen at this season (my personal favorite…): Yellows, brassy and golden. Oranges and Reds, fiery and subtle. The mellow Browns of the leaves curled but not yet dropped. Or the vibrant Greens of the thriving bough.

My challenge to you today is to bring a little COLOR into your life! (more…)