Market Ready?

A useful article surfaced in the last (21 Sept 2011) New York Times “home” section – especially as the push is on, here in the north, to sell a home/buy a home before the snow flies!

The Tim McKeough series on preparing your home for being “Market Ready” purports to be the first in a series. You’ll find some useful items in this installment:

• Does wall color — for instance, a bright red or perky pink — inhibit potential buyers from “picturing themselves” at home in your space?
• Should you upgrade kitchen appliances, especially if they are “dated” (ie, in color) though still in good working condition?

Readers can even submit their own questions about “home repairs or decorating in preparation for selling”!

Market Ready

Your taste? –Or the previous owner’s??

A fabulous room (though would I want to live long with this wall color??), but focus on the rather skimpy window coverings! While the homeowner might go “basic” in paint color (something that complimented that soft fawn couch and chaise would be nice…), you can bet little thought will be given to the windows. If you’re having trouble deciding, picking out neutral colors is perfect if your house is sitting on the market. We have a wide variety of neutral colored shades in our light filtering and blackout fabrics!


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