Give Your Home Added Appeal with Flower Based Décor!


Flower based patterns and designs have been a staple of home décor for numerous centuries. Flowers can bring a room to life, revitalizing any dull space.  If you think about it, flowers come in my different colors, shapes and sizes; it’s amazing how diverse and beautiful they are.

Flowers 2

They work well with many different elements. They come out gorgeous on print and look vivid on accents. Be careful about going too retro with your flower décor, you want to avoid a look that screams “grandma’s house,” look for vintage décor with a modern touch.

Flowers 3

If you’re a real flower “fanatic” why not brighten your interior with floral based tile or wallpaper? Be sure to work with complementary colors to mix and match the rest of the room. Don’t go too overboard and aggressive with these elements, it could overshadow the rest of the room or create too busy of an appearance.

Flower Bathroom

We’ve talked a lot about floral based décor, but why not add the real thing? Fresh flowers go well in any room, and vases also add an extra element of style.

Flower Dining Room

Most importantly, have fun during this process. Some of our previous customers have had exceptional success in mixing and matching their floral patterns with our cellular window treatments.  To learn more about different ways you can decorate your interior space, check back the blog frequently along with these floral based ideas on Houzz!

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