The Benefits of Using Motorized Shades

Ever entertained the idea of incorporating motorized window shades in your home? The idea of motorization can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! Today on the blog, we want to provide you with everything that you need to know about picking motorized window shades.

First things first- how do motorized shades from work? Our motorized shades use Somfy motors– Somfy builds some of the best motors in the industry. This small profile motor fits right into the same headrail as we use for most of our other shades, which means you can have a mix of motorized and manual shades and aesthetically they will look gorgeous and uniform! The motor runs off of low voltage power which can come from either a reloadable battery wand that runs off of 9 AA batteries or a plug in transformer that plugs right into a wall outlet so installation is a breeze.
So that’s a bit of the technical information, but you may want to know a bit about what applications motorized shades are perfect for…

They Are Ideal for Those with Mobility Restrictions:

For anyone with mobility restrictions motorization is a really nice solution. We’ve often been told by clients that suffer from arthritis that they have a difficult time with the cords on a regular shade so motorization is a perfect way to go. By simply pressing a button clients are able to raise and lower every shade in their home.

They are Great for High Windows:

Do you have windows that are difficult to reach? If so, motorized shades might be perfect for you! Whether your windows are high up or there is furniture in front of them, no matter!  Motorized shades are controlled with a remote control you can operate your shades from the comfort of your couch.

They add More Convenience:

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Motorizing your window treatments is truly a time saver. It is significantly easier to raise all of your shades with the push of a button rather than having to manually raise or lower every single shade in your home. Think about the time it takes to raise or lower every shade in your home, now think about how many shades you simply choose to never raise or lower due to the inconvenience- you are losing out on the energy savings of those shades as well as the light control, etc. Many clients tell us that by choosing to motorize their shades they end up using them more often thereby getting the maximum value out of their investment. They also note that they love the time savings and really, time is our most valuable asset so why not make the most out of it?

They Are the Path to Full Home Automation:


If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep up with technology, motorized shades are for you. They are quick and simple to install and add to the comfort and value of your home instantly.


There’s a ton of benefits with motorized window shades. They add a significant amount of convenience, and are the perfect option for anyone striving to achieve a modern home. Simplify your home today and check out motorized cellular shade options. You can also contact the service team at to learn more about our motorized shades. Stay tuned to our blog for window treatment information!

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