Goodbye Window Quilts!

We found this window treatment hanging around the office the other day, what great memories!

Window Quilt
Would you really want this hanging in your window?

We thought to ourselves, look how far we’ve come when it comes to producing insulating window treatments! A fun fact that you may not have known is that we were once the largest window quilt manufactures in the United States, how crazy is that?

Once we figured out that honeycomb shades insulate as well (better in most cases) and look significantly more aesthetically pleasing when incorporated in someone’s home, we made the switch. When I first saw that window quilt, I thought to myself, how on earth would you clean it? From past experiences with other members of our company, cleaning window quilts can be an absolute nightmare. One dirt goes on the quilt – it’s there too stay!

Not to mention – how do you install it? At this point, you probably think we are window quilt “haters”; it’s just a nice trip down memory lane to see how far residential window treatments have come when it comes to insulation.

While we very much doubt that cellular shades will become a treatment of the past, we’re very excited of what the future holds since there’s been a lot of upgrades (cordless shades) over the past few decades. To learn more about the differences between our Symphony honeycomb shades and window quilts, click here.


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