Breaking Down the Basics: Solar Heat Gain

According to Wikipedia, Solar Heat Gain is defined as:

“The increase in temperature in a space, object or structure that results from solar radiation.”

Remove Shades

What Does this Mean for You?

Believe it or not, when the sun sizzles down on your untreated windows, it essentially acts as an oven! Glass on its own has been known as a fairly good conductor of heat and a bad insulator in general. This warmth might be welcomed in the winter for rooms facing the sun, however, in the summer it can make a home absolutely unbearable temperature wise and incredibly inefficient.

When solar heat passes through a glass window it is known as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. When you have a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, this means your home is more protected against the heat, which reduces the work load on your home’s air conditioning unit, and can save you money on cooling costs and keep you comfortable!

How Can I Lower My Home’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

First and foremost, installing the right set of window shades can be one of the simplest forms of improving (reducing) your home’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.  They act as barrier between your home and the sun’s powerful UV rays. Warm window treatments (our cellular shades) will instantly improve your home’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and put more money in your pocket!

Once you’ve installed the shades, you need be careful when raising in lowering them to get maximum efficiency. For instance, on a warm day when the sun’s rays are hitting your home’s window, leaving the treatment up and the windows closed will result in unwanted solar heat gain, so keeping your treatments lowered during sunny and warm times of the day to maximize their energy savings!

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Home Against Solar Heat Gain?

Like we mentioned before, window treatments are the easiest way but the way your windows are fabricated can have a large impact. Double-Glazed, Low-solar-gain Low-E Glass windows have been specifically designed to reduce the SHGC and will act as a welcomed aid in our quest for energy efficiency!  Other applications like energy film can also help reduce solar heat gain and your coefficient.


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