Heated Skylight Owner? Save Energy on Cooling the Indoors with Cellular Window Shades

Through the Doorway of a BathroomWith warm weather making its way across the country and budget-conscious Americans looking for ways to cut back on cooling bills, the best savings might be hanging right overhead.
Skylights may be easy to forget about, but impossible not to notice in the summer when certain areas of the house still have hot spots. Air conditioning represents 22% of an average household’s total energy bill, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute, a think tank focused on natural resources.
To cut back on energy use, keep portals to the sun’s direct light such as skylights and windows covered when necessary. When it comes to protecting a home’s interior, the small investment in treatments to cover skylights can go a long way.
Skylights have a huge impact on the space from a lighting point of view. That’s why you can’t put film on a skylight – it significantly reduces the amount of light that comes into the space.
Shades, such as the honeycombed model sold by CellularWindowShades.com, are more versatile. Closing blinds and curtains in peak sunlight hours reduces the output needed by cooling systems – and light-colored window treatments can reduce heat indoors by 50 percent.

Skylight 2You can draw the shades when you want to block heat or cold from entering your home, and open them up when you want light and to take advantage of solar gain. Basically, instead of just putting a furnace in your home and having it on all the time, it’s putting a furnace in your home and being able to turn it on and turn it off.
By installing insulating cellular shades into skylights you will be able extend the seasons you can use spaces like sunrooms into the early spring and late fall as well as being able to use the room during the dog days of summer!

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