How to Remove a Shade!

This video speaks specifically of the smoothy cord loop and our top down bottom up shades. Clicking the image below will take you to the video!


Since the two shade types have the same headrail, they have the same brackets! Here is a photo of the bracket:


And here’s the bracket fitted in to the headrail:

Headrail Bracket

In the first photo, you can see the “spring” at the front of the bracket – when you press on the headrail (press with your thumbs towards the exterior of the house) you are pushing the spring and the back of the shade is released. Then all you have to do is “flip” the back of the shade down (it’s all one movement — press with thumbs, flip down with the fingers).

What’s holding the shade? See that “lip” at the front of the bracket – that’s slipped under the channel in the headrail. The “prong” you see in the middle of the bracket is caught by the back channel of the head rail. By pressing on the spring-loaded front, that middle prong releases the back and down comes the shade!

To replace it, you work by putting the bracket’s front lip under the front channel in the headrail — press with your thumbs on the front of the headrail, flip the back of headrail (and shade) UP, release your thumb-grip!

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