Is Your Blind Past It?

Although it’s hard to step back and remember what an item, a cellular shade for instance, looked like when it was new, some repairs people send in leave a lot to be desired — which begs the question:

“When Should My Shade Be Replaced??”

This photo illustrates the EXTERIOR-FACING side of two shades; New at the bottom and “Aged” (to be kind) at the top:

Is Your Blind Past It?

They are the same shade fabric and color… truly.

Being a bonded polyester, the “Aged” shade could have and should have been cleaned periodically — at the very least by vacuuming (with an upholstery attachment); by a soak in water with mild detergent (see the online cleaning instructions); or by the professional Ultrasonic Cleaning method.

My vote for the “Aged” shade: Past It! Replace, rather than repair it.

Is Your Blind Past It

This poor shade must have sustained some repeated damp conditions or actual water damage. It came in for a restring, but would you really want this hanging in your window? I don’t think I would, either.
The New Fabric (seen in a comparison shot below) is crisp and brightly white; the “Aged” shade might benefit from a good cleaning, but given the embedded dirt and discoloration, it is probably a lost cause. The “paisley” pattern even gets lost amid the “pattern” of discoloration:

Is it Worth Is?

Look at this from a monetary standpoint: The cost of that repair, plus the cost of shipping (two ways) means money that could have been put towards a brand new shade is thrown away on rehabilitating something that should be allowed a quick disposal.

Now, we don’t say this lightly, we at are all for green, sustainable, repair-rather-than-toss ideology; but when a product has put in 10-, 15-, maybe even 20-years of service — your house deserves the uplift of some new window coverings. In the end, they will pay for themselves quickly in cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.


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