How to Spring Clean Your Cellular Shades

Springtime is almost here, and with the daffodils and robins also comes open windows and a spring cleaning frenzy to breathe new life into our closed up homes. Make sure your window shades are looking bright and fresh to match. All of our fabric is naturally anti-static and dust repellent, so you may never actually need to clean them. But if you do, here are our simple steps to clean Symphony brand honeycomb shades:


Light Filtering Shades

light filtering shades

  • Can be dusted with a regular ol’ duster
  • Can be gently vacuumed with the hose attachment (great for getting anything out of the cells!)
  • Can be spot-treated with a soft cloth and warm water. Use a light hand.
  • Can be soaked! That’s right, you can bathe your shades if you feel like it! Just fill a tub or a bin with warm water and a mild cleaning agent (Simple Green, for instance). Soak your shade as long as you need, but do not scrub. To dry, either hang the shade back up, and make sure it’s raised up all the way to maintain the pleats, or lay it out flat on the floor over towels or cardboard. Don’t lay it on top of newspaper though, because the ink could run and stain the fabric. Please see our notes at the bottom of this article for┬ásome washin’ precautions.
  • Fun fact – our light filteirng fabric wicks liquids so it rolls right off, instead of absorbing it like other shades made of spun lace. Much easier for cleanup!!


Blackout Shades

blackout shades

  • You shouldn’t saturate blackout fabric because it can get wrinkly. But you can use a soft cloth to gently spot clean small areas.
  • You can still use the vacuum hose to get anything out of the cells, though!
  • Can also be dusted with a duster.


  • Don’t use water on blackout shades unless you’re just cleaning a little spot.
  • Cordless and motorized headrails shouldn’t be submerged. If you’re soaking your cordless or motorized shades, make sure to keep the headrail OUT OF WATER at all times. Pretty please!
  • If your shades are getting old and the fabric feels more brittle than is used to, it’s best to avoid soaking them. Soaking old fabric can cause it to come apart. Stick to our non-watery steps for best results.

Have a question about cleaning your shades? Give us a jingle at (877) 966-3678 and we’d love to assist you!