Ode to Cellular Shades – A Love Ballad

There Was a Time My Windows Were Bare

There was a time my windows were bare,
Glass eyes on the walls, with a cold, blank stare.
I could view my lawn, my neighborhood too,
But it was clear there was something I needed to do.

Through the panes my heat so quickly did seep.
As winter drew on, I shivered in my sleep.
My wallet ran dry, my savings were killed –
Poor insulation claimed my utility bills.

Summer also devastated my frail old home,
For it became an oven the more the sun shone.
With nothing to block the harsh UV rays,
My fine art and furniture bleached right away.

I don’t mean to whine, but I’ve been through enough,
A home without shades is just plain rough.
Exposure to the elements and the occasional passerby,
Has in many instances, made me want to cry.

I knew it was time to take back control
Of my windows and bills before a new winter took hold.
I jumped on the web, and vowed not to rest,
Until I had the shade that would serve me the best.

I saw sheers, I saw drapes, I saw rollers and Romans,
Fabrics gauzy, or heavy, embroidered and woven.
And then I found one made of insulating cells
That blended function and fashion incredibly well.

Weighing out my options, I could plainly see,
Cellular shades were the ones for me.
The power to insulate with the finesse of décor,
These shades would perfect my windows and doors.

I ordered right away, and as soon as I installed,
Knew I would be forever enthralled.
No more haunting drafts, no glare on the TV,
No one on the street can look in and see me.

Through winter I’m warm, in summer it’s fine,
My shades will pay for themselves in no time.
Durable and stylish, fabric lovely and strong,
Cellular shades on every window, my whole life long.


by: Erin M, your friendly customer service gal.