Places to Save Energy in Your Home

Energy Savings

Saving energy is the right thing to do. There’s only one planet Earth and we need to take care of it! One added benefit is energy efficiency saves you money. Often times, homeowners have misconstrued ideas about what is and isn’t energy efficient.

A recent study was conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology. This study finds that often times, people think that their most active electrical devices consume the most energy. However, often the other devices that we use infrequently are frequently the main culprits of an inefficient home.

Think about it, you will always turn the lights off because you’ve been taught that doing this is energy efficient. But “background” devices are afterthoughts because you don’t see them and engage with them on a day-to-day basis.

Today we wanted to discuss some of these devices and how you can be more aware to consume less energy in your home.


We understand this immensely here at since our energy efficient shades reduce homeowners’ heating bills. Your home’s heating bill consumes significantly more energy than anything else, on average 42% of the total bill! Aside from our energy efficient shades, other things like caulking cracks and sealing doors can help cut down your energy consumption. Anything you can to reduce your heat from escaping your home will have a HUGE impact on reducing your environmental footprint.

2.Your Water Bill

Up next, your water bill! Who would have thought? Typically, water bills consume about 18% of your home’s energy. Things like quicker showers and using cold water when completing your laundry will help. You can even wrap your water tank in an insulating blanket, how crazy is that?

3. Household Appliances

Coming in around 13% of your home’s energy bill are your appliances! Your dryer and your fridge have a huge impact on your home’s bill. So much so, they are thought to take up more than double of the energy consumption of the next appliance on this list. When possible, line dry clothes if you have space to cut down on your dryer usage.

4. “Vampire Devices”

Next up on the list are items that are also known as “vampire” devices. Yes, we just used the word “vampire devices”! These devices are often small products like LED lights, computer parts like keyboards and collectively they can devour up to 10% of the power in your home! If you have small devices plugged in that you aren’t using, unplug them immediately!

5. Lighting and Air Conditioning

Alas, we are almost done with lighting and air conditioning! These two consume nearly 6% of an average home’s energy. Luckily, there are easy fixes for both of these. Use LED bulbs, and seal up your air conditioning unit to prevent leaks.

We say this time and time again, but here at we are committed to helping homeowners reduce their environmental footprint via energy efficiency. When used and installed correctly, our shades are essential when it comes to reducing your energy bill. To learn more, contact one of our designers and we can work towards helping you button up your home and reducing your heating and cooling costs year-round!

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