Support Your Neighbors, Shop Made-In-USA!

One of the biggest reasons we are proud to be American is just the sheer amount of greatness that occurs when you support your country. And while our factory is some 2,600 miles from our customers all the way in California, we know that we are all truly neighbors. The way we treat each other and the decisions we make will determine what direction we push ourselves as an entire nation.
Which is why we would really like to take this chance to stress the absolute importance of buying products that are made in the USA. This simple act makes a world of difference for the buyer, the seller, and the economy as a whole.

What Happens When You Buy Made-In-USA


You Help the Environment

Many of the top countries that imported goods come from have virtually no regulations in terms of protecting the environment. Now more than ever, we need to make conscious decisions for the safety of our planet for generations to come. When you buy American, you are supporting regulations that protect the air, soil, and water. Not to mention, having goods imported from overseas uses a lot more fossil fuel and produces unnecessary emissions into the water and air. Buying American helps keep our glorious country clean for our children and grandchildren!

You Help the Economy

Supporting American businesses creates American jobs, and that’s always a good thing! Money that stays in the United States pays the workers connected to the product every step of the way. When you buy shades from us, you’re helping me live my life, and you’re helping the folks over in Production live their lives, too! So, thank you so much! When we buy from American businesses, we keep our friends, families, and neighbors afloat. Buying American stimulates and strengthens the economy for everyone!

You Support Fairness

It’s not something we enjoy thinking about, but a cruel and horrible reality is that not every country offers safe and fair working conditions for their workers. Buying American means you are supporting honest wages for honest work done by adults in safe and comfortable factories and offices. Sometimes buying USA-made products costs a little more, but if you think about it, the cost allows for a higher standard of living for your fellow Americans and a higher standard of production for your goods.

When we look around at all the other American companies out there, it just makes us smile. These are good businesses and good people that we are honored to be in league with. With that, we would like to show support of some of our fellow Made-In-America companies. These guys are awesome!

For all your kitchen appliance needs, check out Dacor!

For beautiful wood furniture, please look into our neighbors in Vernon, VT, Vermont Wood Studios!

Polywood makes all weather furnishings out of recycled plastic! Incredible!

Handcrafted gifts for all occasions are available at The New England Trading Company, Ltd.

And we can’t forget our furry or feathered friends, could we? is your spot for the most adorable and useful stuff for your animal companions!

These are relatively small brands. We are huge proponents of supporting small, Mom and Pop type businesses. But you can still find big brands made in America, too! Kitchenaid is based out of Ohio, for instance! And Duraflame is from California. And Wiffle Ball is still manufactured in Connecticut!

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