Rock Me, Amadeus

Since CellularWindowShades‘ product line is the SYMPHONY SHADE, I simply cannot let today — 27 January 2011 — pass without mention of:

On This Date, 27 January 1756
in Stadt Salzburg
was Born

I will leave it to others to discuss the many variations of his name. Mozart himself, a bit of a jokester in letters to his elder sister, perhaps accounts for some of the variety. Thanks to his “Latinizing” his name as Wolfgangus Amadeus Mozartus he became forever known as WolfgangAmadeus Mozart! As playwright Peter Schaffer well knew when his Play AMADEUS hit the stage in 1979:


Mozart typically signed himself W.A. Mozart or even as seen here:

Image 2

So, you may ask, “What’s all this got to do with cellular window shades?”
The Symphony Line of cellular shades gives evocative MUSIC-related names to all fabric colors (although, some of them are exceptionally obscure…). Anyway, guess what one name is: AMADEUS! You guessed it!!

Image 3

Amadeus / color 154 / “lightest blue”
light filtering double cell cellular fabric

So now, whenever you pull down your “lightest blue” shade, give a thought to the man behind the name – at least once a year.

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