Baby, it’s Cold Outside!


Woke up this morning to a bit of “arctic chill” — and on the radio, as I drove in, there were further news reports of the SNOW that blanketed PARIS! Check out this story at the Christian Science Monitor. The last time I was in Paris, it was sunny and warm and the month of AUGUST.

BrrBetween the cold and the snow, the entire northern hemisphere seems poised on the point of a long, bleak winter. And it’s only December.

Our building, on the rather less-insulated than more-insulated side, has some nice new windows — but even so the chill air just leaks in. My feet freeze, my hands freeze (which makes typing rather a challenge!). I love the natural light and as the sun is weak there’s only so much that comes through anyway. Yet the one benefit of working in a shade-producing company is I have a shade on the floor to ceiling window beside my desk! A top down bottom up cellular shade. Right now the top is pulled down… light is coming in to illuminate the office, but my feet are warming up nicely, thank you.

Just thought I’d pass along some “thoughts of the moment” as I take a break.

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