Stop Chilly Drafts with Insulating Window Shades

We get calls from our customers all the time, especially at this point during the year when it’s so cold outside it isn’t even funny! Your home turns chilly with unwanted drafts and it can cause for an uncomfortable home. Beat the loss of in-efficiency in your home by treating you windows with the right treatments.

Chilly Windows

There are a lot of different treatments you can choose from, whether it’s blinds, mini blinds, pleated shades and wood blinds. It’s in our experience that no shade performs as well as cellular shades do during cold and cumbersome winter months.

Why is this? We’ve done the due diligence, looked at the R-Values and it has been clear from the data that we’ve seen. Our Symphony cellular shades provide excellent insulation, better than our competitors. The honeycombs act as a barrier between your home and the cold outside. The fabric that has been produced by Comfortex is heavy duty and built specifically for energy efficiency.

Save money, make your home more comfortable and increase your interior’s décor with our cellular window treatments. To learn more about how our shades perform in cold winter conditions, check out our R-Value page.
To get more information about our Symphony cellular shades, contact the design experts at We can send you fabric swatches, provide you with measurement and installation instructions. For more news regarding window treatments, stay tuned to the blog.

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