What Size Cells Do I Need? Honeycomb Sizes Explained

For those currently in the market for new cellular shades, you probably have seen them in a variety of different sizes. The measurements that you see indicate the exact size of the honeycomb from the top of the cell to pleat in the center when open.

If you’ve never shopped for cellular and honeycomb shades, this process can seem overwhelming. Today we want explain what the different measurements mean, and which option is right for your window.


Small Cell Shades

Cells that are 3/8” and smaller are generally classified as small cell shades. These sized cells are flexible enough to fit almost any treatment, while providing excellent insulating qualities. Our double cell fabrics are comprised of this material, which works perfectly inside most homes. The smaller size honeycombs provide extra insulation by trapping the air in between the cells.

Mid-Size Cell Shades

Mid-sized cells are typically in the range of ½” to 9/16” in measurement. Our single cell fabrics are made up of this material. Like the smaller shades, these medium sized cells are flexible enough to cover nearly any treatment.

Large Size Cell Shades

Here at CellularWindowShades.com, we don’t offer these sized shades, but they do work well in supporting larger treatments. They are lighter than other sizes and can support themselves. However, they do not have the insulating properties that the smaller shades have, which is why we haven’t brought them into stock.

We encourage you to browse our current single and double cell inventory to see our product offerings for yourself. Our Symphony shades are not only durable, but they provide our customers with the best insulation in the industry. To learn more and to get free samples, contact one of our designers today!

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