Thin-Sulate for Winter

Long ago I recall the “rage” in buttoning-up windows for the winter was the Window Quilt — giant swathes of cloth that you lowered in order to lower heating costs.

“Times have changed,” as Cole Porter once sang!

HomeMy home is a post-WWII two-story cape. The windows are combination storms backing the original double-hung sash windows. With the heating season soon upon us in the Northeast (I admit to holding out as long as possible!), many callers have been concerned about what to do to keep warm this winter. This is an especial conundrum for the owner of a new-to-you home. If you have no idea about the COST of heating, how do you decide the “best” ways of helping your household SAVE money?

I’ve certainly tried this in my own home: keeping temperatures down when away from home and at night. But weather does not cooperate! One day warmer, next night chilling cold. The graphs on the gas bills provide a wild rollercoaster from month to month, never mind year to year.

So what are some easy tips to help? Websites point to the need to caulk windows, to stop drafts where there are air leaks. There are the ubiquitous shrink-wrap your windows blog-spots. I must admit I’ve never wanted to have plastic wrap over my windows. Replacements not only cost a lot, but also entail (for the likes of me….) handy-men in my house. Who has the time to winnow out the reputable from the shady?? Frankly, I just wouldn’t be in the mood to undertake so much on the budget I have after years of economic woes.

But every day I sit beside a window with a lovely, floral-patterned double-cell honeycomb shade. A light-filtering shade — which comes in handy in these days of grey skies (rain, rain, rain) and shorter afternoons. It certainly seems a better solution than shrink-wrap.

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