Where Should I Buy My Cellular & Honeycomb Window Treatments?

There are many different places you can buy cellular window treatments. All of which, have their benefits and disadvantages. Today we want to talk you through the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing your treatments through a dealer or online.

The Benefits of Purchasing Shades through a Local Dealer


Local dealers give you the option to see the shades that you’ve considered purchasing up in person. It’s always helpful to get a feel for the fabric and see it treated on a window. Often times you might not know what window treatment option you want, a salesperson can walk you through this process if need be.

Local dealers also have “white glove” service. If you are not the “DIY” type, this is a big plus for you. Having a professional install your shades inside your home can be a relief, especially if you stay away from home improvement activities at all costs.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing Window Shades through a Local Dealer

While local dealers will provide you with white glove service and helpful information, you pay for this. Shades purchased from a local dealer have higher markups and prices then shades that can be purchased online.

The Benefits of Purchasing Your Shades Online


There’s a lot of convenience when it comes to purchasing your shades online. For starters, you can buy your shades from the comfort of your couch! When you order shades from CellularWindowShades.com, we can mail you samples for free. When you’re ready to order, just click a few buttons and your order will be well on its way to your front door. This means trips to a local dealer aren’t necessary!

You’ll also see significant savings when you buy online. The benefits of installing your shades on your own eliminates the white glove service, and the savings are passed along to you the customer.

The Disadvantage of Purchasing Your Shades Online

Like we mentioned before, sometimes installing shades on your own can seem a bit confusing. However, hiring a local handy man to do this aspect will solve your problem. While it’s beneficial to see the shades in operation in person, you can still clearly see the shades and how they operate online with high resolution images online.


If you’re looking for a local dealer, there are many local dealers that are likely in your area. However, at CellularWindowShades.com we offer a comprehensive inventory of cellular shades to purchase online with free samples and a plethora of content that will allow you to find the exact window treatment that you’ve been looking for!

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