Keep Your Southern Home Cool with Skylight Shades

A lot of our customers in warm states like Florida, Georgia and Texas ask us about skylight shades, they are very popular in these areas. If you reside in one of the warmer areas of the country and have skylights you’ll know that they are a bittersweet interior feature. The good thing about them is they give your home a ton of natural light, the bad news, sun damage due to powerful UV rays.

Skylight Shades

Thankfully, here at, we offer our southern customers a solution to this problem. Not only will skylight shades protect your home from the sun’s rays, it will also help decrease your energy consumption. Our cellular skylight shades help keep the cool air inside your home, which helps lessen the output of your air conditioner.

We also offer our customers different fabric options, blackout and light filtering fabrics that are both available in single cell and double cell. You might be thinking to yourself, how to I open and close my skylight shades? These shades can be opened and closed by using extension poles, made specifically for skylight shades.

Skylight shade installation is simple to complete, check out our installation guide or call our friendly service team at (877) 966-3678. After your skylight shades are up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the energy savings they bring!

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