7 Tips for Staging Your Home

Browse through CellularWindowShades.com’s 7 staging tips to prep your home for your big move. It’s important that you showcase your space to garner interest from prospective buyers.


Rid Your Home of All Clutter:

You need to carefully comb through your home and determine what items you want, and which ones you’re ready to dispose of. If you get rid of a significant amount of clutter, prospective buyers may feel that the room is larger.


Clean your home from top to bottom! Potential buyers are trying to envision your home as their own, nobody likes the idea of living in a dirty space.


Refurbish Old Appliances:

Have an old dishwasher that’s looking a little worn out? A simple fix would be to apply stainless-steel covering (stick-on) which costs around $20. This will transform your old dishwasher into a coveted modern appliance.


Use Natural Colors When Painting:

First and foremost, remove all wallpaper. Wallpaper is typically associated with an older home. From there you want to add a new coat of paint, use neutral colors to appeal to more buyers.


Groom Your Lawn:

The outside of your home is critical, as it is the first thing buyers see. Take care of your lawn – be sure to cut overgrown trees and bushes and plant flowers for extra appeal.

Install New Window Treatments:

You want your home to be full of natural sunlight; this will leave a good impression to potential buyers. If you have blackout treatments, consider to switching to light filtering treatments temporarily. For areas of the home that produce too much sunlight, pick out shades that reduce glare.


Never Leave a Room Empty:

Keeping your rooms fully furnished is a must. You want your buyer to see themselves living in your home. How can they figure out what the room looks like if it’s empty?
Selling your home can be a stressful experience, so use our tips to help get yours off the market. For more interior décor tips, check back to our blog frequently!

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