Cellular Shades Vs. Pleated Shades, What’s the Best Treatment for Me?


You’ve heard these two terms thrown around interchangeable, it can be a fairly confusing distinguishing between the two if you’re relatively new to the window treatment industry. When you think about cellular shades and pleated shades, they are almost like cousins. Both of them have a similar look, and pleats that act like an accordion.

They even come with the same operating features, features like the top down bottom up, continuous cord loop, cordless and even motorization. While the two are incredibly similar, there are some differences. For starters, the way they are constructed on the inside is different. The cellular shade’s use the inner honeycombs to provide extra insulation, which is ideal for those living in extreme climates. If you reside in the northeast like us, these shades will help you reduce your heating bill in the winter. They even keep cool air inside your home when it’s warm outside, reducing the workload of your air conditioner! Pleated shades on the other hand, offer the end consumer minimal insulation.

Since both options are available in numerous operating mechanisms, they both allow you to have full control of the both the light and privacy. If you have a child or pet, it’s highly recommended that you go cordless. Going cordless will help prevent any potential entanglement, if you’re a parent this feature is a no-brainer.

Here at CellularWIndowShades.com, we specifically sell cellular shades, so it might sound biased but we believe the cellular shades offer more as a window treatment compared to pleated shades. The reasoning behind this is the energy efficient properties behind the shades. The individual honeycombs do an excellent job in terms of insulation; pleated shades don’t come close when it comes to energy efficiency.

If you’d like to learn more about our cellular window shades, contact a member of our design team today at (877) 966-3678 and we can help guide you to the right window treatment that will look perfect inside you home!

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