Beat Summer Heat with the Right Window Treatments

Oh man, it’s HOT outside! Here at the headquarters in Vermont, summer has arrived in full force. Over the weekend temperatures were in the 80s and 90s, and I was pretty miserable because the light was absolutely unbearable in my apartment.

I would have loved to install a set of our double cell blackout shades in my bedroom, however, my apartment association has made it known that it’s against the rules to take out the outdated mini blinds that they’ve provided me. This has me disappointed to say the least. Waking up at 6AM every day is no fun, especially on the weekends!

Mini Blinds
Seriously, this is what I’m dealing with!

At this time of year we get calls from all over the country from customers who are dealing with similar conditions. Luckily, our honeycomb window treatments are a VERY simple fix for this. Not only will they block out unwanted UV rays, but they help reduce energy consumption for those who use air conditioning units. Who doesn’t like saving money and sleeping in? I know I do!

Ready to Beat the Heat?

If you don’t have to abide by silly apartment association rules and have complete freedom for your window treatments, give one of our designers a call today! We can give you a free fabric swatches so you can see what our shades look and we can guide you to the right set of heat and UV reducing shades. Our team is just a phone call away at 877-966-3678 and we look forward hand-crafting your next set of shades!

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