Easy Ways to Make Any House a Beach House!

Summer is here! And with summer come the beach and its many decorative inspirations. Who doesn’t feel at ease surrounded by shells, sea glass tones, and a light breeze? Today we’ve got some beach-inspired style tips, for whether you’re landlocked or the waves are knocking right at your door. Enjoy these mermaid-approved décor ideas this summer or all year round!

It’s the little things:

The easiest way to add a little bit of the beach to your home is to decorate with beach findings:

    • There is a LOT you can do with driftwood! Get creative with paints, or leave it plain as a statement piece above your fireplace! Screw in some hooks or funky looking dresser knobs to create a coat or jewelry rack!


  • Send your kids out to collect seashells to decorate a mirror, or use twine and shells to create garland charming enough to make Poseidon himself jealous!
  • Beachy décor is often nature-made, but you can also hit up your local beachside antique shop for really cool nautical artifacts!

Grab your paintbrush and power drill:

If you’re ready to take it up a notch with some weekend projects, try these tips out to make a room of your home, or your whole sand castle, totally beached up:

  • Popular cottage colors are rather pale. Think sun-bleached or washed-out. But then add a few pops of color to spice things up! Don’t be afraid to go for some surf-worn chairs, but then tie in some fabulous sea glass hues to complete the look! Paint a mirror or end table a shade of sea glass green or blue to make things less formal.
  • Window shades are a great way to add sea glass tones to your home! Light filtering fabric lets in that nice, soft glow, and blackout shades add solid, rich color.

    Double Cell Light Filtering: Alto, Harp, Mezzo, Reed Double Cell Blackout: Sea Mist, Cypress, Tobago Blue, Marina
  • The best general rule of thumb? Keep the atmosphere open and airy, just like the ocean.

Life’s a beach:

If you have a beach house, consider these home-improvement tips to get the very most out of your summer home:

  • Use water-friendly furniture for those who make repeat visits to the surf. Bring the wicker inside for cute and waterproof lounging during downtime!

  • Do you have a perfect view of the waterfront? Top down/bottom up window treatments are ideal for maintaining a view from the top of the window while lounging on the aforementioned wicker furniture in your bathing suit in solitude! Go for light-filtering fabric to keep up the light and bright atmosphere that accompanies beach cottages so splendidly.
  • Invite us to your next cookout!

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