How to Treat Large Windows

Having large open windows can be bittersweet. First off, they are mesmerizing when but when left untreated they can let in unwanted natural light and produce a significant amount solar heat gain. There are numerous that issues homeowners often face when treating these windows. The fabric and the operating mechanism needs to be right, and treating them is typically much more expensive because you’ll need more fabric to cover the window.

Today we want to go over some options that you have when it comes to treating larger windows, luckily we have multiple solutions for large windows.

Having Multiple Shades Riding on a Single Headrail

Have a window that’s over our production capacities (95” x 120”) isn’t the end of the world; you can still treat this window with multiple shades. There’s often some legwork that needs to be done to ensure proper installation, you can check with our team of designers, they’ll help guide you to the correct treatment.

Using a Smoothy Cord Loop Mechanism

The continuous cord mechanism is perfect for oversized windows. The lift mechanism allows the shade to raise and lower this particular covering evenly, which won’t allow the shade to sag. It can even be operated by using just one hand and comes in a plethora of different lengths.


Choosing Single Cell Shades

Single cell light filtering shades are lightweight, which makes them a great option for large window treatment because less bowing will occur during use. This lighter material will give you your desired functionality!

Single Cell Smoothy

Even if you have large difficult to reach shades, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat your windows. Here at we’ve come up with many crafty solutions for customers with large untreated windows. To speak with one of our designers about our cellular shades, pick up the phone and contact us at (877) 966-3678 and we will help guide you through this process!

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