Indoor Plants: A Breath of Fresh Air

With summer a few months removed and with winter weather nearing in, now is the perfect time to put your inner green thumb to work.

Plants are usually an overlooked interior design element. Plants are surprisingly versatile and can offer rooms extra color, size and texture, which you can use to make the room feel more warm and inviting. For example, want to make your ceilings look higher than they actually are? Add a tall, thin plant to the room’s corner. Looking to make it feel lengthier? Plants next to the windows will do the trick by acting as a unifying element between the indoors and the outdoors.

Plants that flower help fill your space with extra color. Consider adding Oxalis, African Violets and Orchids to rooms filled with natural colors. These flowers will be exactly what you’ve been looking for! You can even take this a step further by matching the flowering colors with other accents in the room.

So bright!

Aside from Meshing Well With Your Décor, Indoor Plants Have Important Health Benefits Too!

Ailments – Believe it or not, studies indicate that hospital patients with plants in their rooms need less pain medication. Whether it’s at home, or at the office, incorporating indoor plants may help decrease headaches, colds, fatigue, and stress. Who doesn’t like a little reminder of spring and summer in the dead of winter?

Purification – NASA research indicates that plants can clean up to 87% of volatile compounds in 24 hours. These compounds include: paint, plastic, xylene, formaldehyde, and benzene, among others. Reduce air pollution inside of your home with powerful plants like the peace lily. And fun fact: snake plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen at night – so consider growing one in your bedroom for nice clean air as you sleep!

There's a snake plant!
There’s a snake plant!

Indoor plants are an exciting element that you should consider adding to your home. Aside from the aforementioned benefits, they also match with our cellular shades very well! To stay up to date with our interior design tips and window treatments news, check back to our blog frequently!

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