Extreme Window Treatments

If you’ve read our blog, you probably already understand how obsessed we are when it comes to window treatments. From historical treatments to treatments in art and film, we love to talk about each and every one of them. Today we want to talk about 7 unconventional window treatments that are extreme to say the least.

1. Bullet Proof Shutters

Bullet Proof Shutters

If personal security is important, these bullet proof shutters are prefect from you. They can handle the blast of most available firearms. When you think of bulletproof, who would have of thought of shutters?

LED Blinds

Not only do LED blinds act as regular blinds, they can also serve an additional purpose as a media wall. Some of the newest LED blinds use hybrid solar technology to power the bulbs.

LED Blinds

Solar Blinds

This is a great way to power your home. These blinds have special photovoltaic panels on their slats to help create electricity. This electricity is then stored and used to power the home throughout the night.

Solar Blinds

High-Resolution Shades

When we first saw these shades, our jaws dropped, they are so interesting! If you live in an urban area and want to see something different from your view, this product is perfect for you.

High Resolution Shades

Eco Window Blankets

Heat is lost through the openings in your house; windows are some of the biggest culprits of this. Eco window blankets will help keep the heat from escaping our windows. They are said to reduce heat loss 50-75%.

Camo Blinds

Want to blend in without the enemy noticing? Camo blinds are a trending window treatment at the moment. Most of these are typically hand panted and are available in numerous colors schemes and sizes.

Camo Blinds

Luxury Transport Blinds

If you’re among the world’s elite, this is the only way to travel. These blinds provide travelers with the ultimate in-vehicle privacy.

Luxury Transport

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