Home Security and Your Shades

Now that’s its September, Snowbirds (as northerners who winter in the south are known hereabouts) are about to leave their summer homes. Some of these homes are long-in-the-family residences; others are small seasonal camps or cabins on lakeshores, or even mobile homes in summer-only trailer parks.

But, let’s face it, all our “homes” are filled with all our “stuff”!


One thing no one might think about, when leaving home, is whether people can see in windows or not.

Now I live in a neighborhood, a very nice little set of smaller homes built after World War II, where hardly anyone closes blinds-drapes-whatever at night. You can walk past any property and see what’s playing on TV most nights!

So how vulnerable is your home — and your stuff — when the property looks lived in because the lights are on a timer, but the window blinds are non-existent??

The ULTIMATE in home automation is a motorized cellular shade on a timer. View information here: http://cellularwindowshades.com/25-motorized-shades

But even people with a more modest budget can think about window coverings. Our basic shade — a Light Filtering fabric, with a Standard Cord Lock, gives a sense of dappled sunlight being let into the room even when the shade is fully down. So how nice your home looks from both the inside AND the outside. And no prying eyes…

Motorized Shades


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