It’s a Small World After All

Over the last few days we have received one call and several emails from “Down Under”: New Zealand and Australia!

Down Under

(neat map, huh! There’s more at

Must admit, the phrase “Down Under” always brings to mind the Men At Work song: I Come From a Land Down Under…. ┬áSo I just had to look up information on that song, and came across this website, SONGFACTS, which gives some rather unthought-about observations on the song, its inception, and its lyrics. Take a look for yourself. (The comments provide some entertainment too…)

You might ask: What’s all this to do with cellular shades, Mate?

It’s the emails. People are asking about SHIPPING Internationally because of the favorable pricing of US goods — as well, a cellular window shade is not a product always readily available abroad. CWS is more than happy to oblige! We’ve long shipped everywhere, and even came up with the map where we “pinned” countries from which our orders originated. That was great fun! And the map was always a stop whenever new guests toured our manufacturing facility.

So the new “news” is our revamped shipping in the shopping cart — now your quotes get that much closer to what it might cost to ship to Tokyo or Sydney, Googong NSW or Yellowknife NWT. We invite you to take a look: quote or order = same easy form!

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