Purchasing Shades for a New Home

Often times, homeowners may overlook some of the hidden costs associated with their home’s décor, especially shades. There are many different styles and fabric options to pick from; it can be difficult for a new homeowner to choose the right window treatment options. Today, our goal is to help you make an informed decision during this process.

Living Room

Living Room

Typically, living rooms are the focal point of the home. It’s important that you put a significant amount of time and effort into your living room, let your inner designer really come out. There are two very different routes you could go with your living room depending on your needs.

Blackout Shades

If you plan on using your living room for watching movies and TV, blackout shades are going to be perfect for you. Our blackout shades block nearly 100% of UV rays, this will help enhance you viewing experience. They also protect furnishings and art.

Light Filtering SHades

If you want to keep your living room more open with the feel of natural light, then we recommend going ahead and choosing a light filtering window treatment. Light filtering shades give the aura of natural light while reducing glare.

Kids Bedrooms:

Kids Bedroom

Safety is always the number one priority for your children. For starters, you don’t want cords on the shades inside of their room. This is why we recommend equipping their rooms with cordless shades. Depending on your child’s morning schedule, you may want to choose blackout shades to allow them to sleep adequately during the summer months.



There are a ton of options when it comes to choosing the right shades for your kitchen. Due to the energy efficiency associated with our cellular light filtering shades, we recommend them. Equipping you kitchen with these shades may reduce your utility bills during the winter and summer months. Another nice option is the Top Down / Bottom up option, which will allow you to lower or lift the shade from the bottom or top.


Moving into a new home can seem overwhelming, but choosing new shades doesn’t have to be. If you happen to have any questions about shades specifications, contact the team at CellularWindowShades.com at (877) 966-3678. We also encourage you to get some of our free samples; this will allow you to get an understanding of what our fabric looks like before you buy.

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