Window Treatment Options for Small Spaces

If you have a small room that you are in the process of re-decorating, choosing the perfect window treatment can seem like a difficult task. You may think that you’re confined to your space, and you don’t have enough room make it look aesthetically pleasing for you and your guests. Today on the blog, we want to provide our readers with helpful tips in choosing the right treatment for their home.

Small Room

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The Right Window Treatment Can Open Up Your Space

Windows should be considered an extension of the walls and cover a large area decorating area. You might be thinking, how can I maximize my space to make the room look larger?

1. Keep your window treatments in the room the same style.
2. The colors of your shades should march that of your walls.
3. Use airy color schemes, which will help make the most of your spaces by utilizing light.

You may also want to avoid layering your treatments when possible, as this will shrink the size of your room. Shades are great at hiding the true size of a room by making it appear larger. They can be pulled to the top of the window, making it look bright, cozy and roomy. If you decide to hang drapes, keeping them drawn open will give you a similar result.

If you want to learn more about decorating your spaces using some of treatment options like cellular shades and skylight shades, contact our service team at 1 (877) 966-3678. We can walk you through our shade product specifications, and then even send you free samples to see if they mesh well with your living space.

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