Add Insulation to These Lesser Known Areas of Your Home!

We talk about the insulating qualities associated with our cellular shades quite frequently, but today we wanted to talk about other areas of your home that can be made more efficient to help you cut down on heating and cooling costs. These are lesser known areas and spaces that homeowners often overlook when it comes to insulation, but once they’r taken care of, the energy savings are through the roof!

Add Extra Insulation to Your Attic

Attic Insulation (more…)

Window Treatments That Don’t Sacrifice Light and Protect Your Privacy

Out of all the rooms in your house, no room presents as great a challenge as your bathroom when it comes to window treatments. The top concern is always privacy; you don’t want wandering eyes from outside peering inside your bathroom. You might think in order to do this you won’t be able to have natural light flow through your bathroom.

Luckily, there’s a solution that can provide you with both privacy and natural light. You can relax in the bathtub while receiving natural light at the same time, doesn’t that sound fantastic? The treatment we are talking about is cellular shades. (more…)

5 Surprising Culprits of Energy Loss

Every second of every day, your home is losing energy. The smallest of cracks can lead to inefficiency which can add up to a lot of money in the long run. Today we want to help you overcome these five surprising culprits of air leaks in your home.

1. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can help give your ceilings a sleek and uniform look. To do this, they use can lights and are typically installed inside of the celling. Often times these cans contain gaps and holes that let air leak out of your home, right into the attic!

Recessed Lighting

If your can lights were installed prior to 2004, they probably haven’t been sealed. You can call an electrician to properly seal these lights with special fireproof foam. (more…)

Blackout Shades?

We’ve had a number of people with questions about black out shades, so today a brief little talk about this option.

Black Out fabric comes in a dozen colors (click on the “Shop Shades page”), from creamy Gardenia to the vibrant colors of Cypress and Marina. There’s even Coffee Bean and Night Sky for you ‘earth-tone’ lovers! All colors have the same neutral off-white to the exterior, for a uniform look no matter your interior color scheme.

Black out fabrics are great in bedrooms. Street lights, security lighting, even the sun’s rise in the A.M. are all nicely blocked out. And with the inclusion of side tracks (the ComforTrack system), even the light-gap to the sides (inside mount applications) disappear. (more…)

Greening Up Starts at Home!

Greening Up at Home 1Your home is your getaway, your haven, your retreat from the stresses of outside world. Or at least it should be. It is easy to let the design and decor of your home slip to the bottom of your to do list leaving you with a tired, outdated look.

Window treatments are one of the easiest, least expensive ways to spruce up your home, increase your energy efficiency and add a bit of color to a drab room.

We want to help our customers get a brand new look so for the month of May we are having an“UGLY SHADE TRADE” Contest!

All folks have to do is email us a picture of their (or their friend’s, or their parent’s) ugly blind and at the end of the month we’ll choose a winner who will get a FREE cellular window shade worth up to$200! The runner up will get a cleaning kit from Seventh Generation. For every picture we receive we will donate $1 to

This is your chance to help a great organization, and be entered to win a great new shade!

We look forward to hearing from you. You can email us at or call us at 877-966-3678.