Cats VS Shades: How to Combat Kitty Attacks

Oh, cats. What more can we even say about our little furry friends? They’re our companions, our babies, our personal jesters, and much more. Anyone who owns a cat knows what an adorable handful they can be.

A few things cats love the most are sunbathing, watching the outside world, and playing – particularly, playing with dangly string. So it goes without saying that windows are a hot spot for cats, and window shades are either a plaything or a blockade from their access to warm sun and their view of life beyond their home. In fact, every so often we hear from customers with shades that suffered the fate of a curious kitty’s claws, or we get questions from proactive pet owners on how to keep their shades safe. Well, we’ve got some answers!



Window Treatments That Don’t Sacrifice Light and Protect Your Privacy

Out of all the rooms in your house, no room presents as great a challenge as your bathroom when it comes to window treatments. The top concern is always privacy; you don’t want wandering eyes from outside peering inside your bathroom. You might think in order to do this you won’t be able to have natural light flow through your bathroom.

Luckily, there’s a solution that can provide you with both privacy and natural light. You can relax in the bathtub while receiving natural light at the same time, doesn’t that sound fantastic? The treatment we are talking about is cellular shades. (more…)

How to Choose Window Shades on a Budget

How to Choose Window Shades on a Budget

Don’t let your old shades ruin your home’s interior décor. Replacing your homes window treatments with new cellular shades from is an easy and affordable way of enhancing your home.

Pick a Style:

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

To start, you’re going to want to figure out what color and style fits your space. Browse through our color options and do some research on all of the available lift options, then order free samples. These samples can be delivered to your home so you can match them up with other interior features to see what colors work the best. (more…)

The Benefits of Using Motorized Shades

Ever entertained the idea of incorporating motorized window shades in your home? The idea of motorization can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! Today on the blog, we want to provide you with everything that you need to know about picking motorized window shades.

First things first- how do motorized shades from work? Our motorized shades use Somfy motors– Somfy builds some of the best motors in the industry. This small profile motor fits right into the same headrail as we use for most of our other shades, which means you can have a mix of motorized and manual shades and aesthetically they will look gorgeous and uniform! The motor runs off of low voltage power which can come from either a reloadable battery wand that runs off of 9 AA batteries or a plug in transformer that plugs right into a wall outlet so installation is a breeze.
So that’s a bit of the technical information, but you may want to know a bit about what applications motorized shades are perfect for… (more…)

What Size Cells Do I Need? Honeycomb Sizes Explained

For those currently in the market for new cellular shades, you probably have seen them in a variety of different sizes. The measurements that you see indicate the exact size of the honeycomb from the top of the cell to pleat in the center when open.

If you’ve never shopped for cellular and honeycomb shades, this process can seem overwhelming. Today we want explain what the different measurements mean, and which option is right for your window.

Honeycombs (more…)