Design Tricks to Keep Your Home More Comfortable

Having a home that you feel comfortable in is important, after all this is the space that you will be relaxing in after a long day. Today we wanted to go over some tips decorators use when helping making their homes cozier.

Comfortable Dining Room Seating

In the dining room below, you’ll see that this space is intimate and a great place to meet as a family for a meal. The cushions on the chairs provide relaxation and comfort where traditional dining room may have uncomfortable wooden chairs. Break away from tradition and spruce up your seating space!

Dining Room Seating (more…)

Don’t Let Glare Keep You from Watching Your Favorite Team

The NFL season is wrapping up with one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever.  No matter what side you’re on, it’s an exciting time to be a sports fan. If you have friends and family over during the weekend to watch your favorite teams play, it’s important to have a great viewing experience. Sure you have the big screen TV and high powered sound system, but there’s one thing that can ruin this experience, sun glare.

Such a bright room! We can’t even imagine what the glare must be like for these folks!

6 Problems to Solve with Window Treatments


When customers call in looking for cellular shades, they often have problems that they are trying to solve. We hear questions like, how can my windows look taller? How can I make my home feel warmer? Can I reduce glare in the afternoon when the sun is high?

These are very important questions to have answered. You’ll be amazed what the right window treatment can do to create a warm and functional home. Here are 6 problems that are often solved by choosing the right window treatment

1. Decorative Appeal With Function

Window treatments are a necessity; they provide light control, privacy and insulation. You need to figure out what functions you need for your home. With all of the current fabric and materials available, you’ll be able to find a treatment that can handle the most demanding needs.

The next important aspect of this process is picking a treatment that stands out. You need your windows to be an extension of your personality, think of them as a blank canvas! (more…)

Removing Old Blinds Without Damaging Your Walls


You’ve suffered with the same tacky and dirty mini blinds, wooden blinds or other blind type that has been an eyesore to you and your guests for years. It’s a very liberating to replace them with a new set of shades. Before you remove them, you’re going to want to read this post to ensure you don’t damage your wall or window frame. It’s important that during this process you take an ample amount of time to complete this task and bring the right set of tools.

Tools You Will Need:


Is Your Blind Past It?

Although it’s hard to step back and remember what an item, a cellular shade for instance, looked like when it was new, some repairs people send in leave a lot to be desired — which begs the question:

“When Should My Shade Be Replaced??”

This photo illustrates the EXTERIOR-FACING side of two shades; New at the bottom and “Aged” (to be kind) at the top:

Is Your Blind Past It?

They are the same shade fabric and color… truly.


Saving Antiques through Window Treatments

Last week I spoke with a Californian who still gets too much sun, despite having obtained tinting for the windows.

We all know the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. In researching for this piece, I unearthed this article dealing with Pittsburgh’s CLAYTON MANSION. Built in 1860, “a gem of Victorian architecture”, the Clayton Mansion houses “priceless antiques, art, handpainted wallpaper, and rare fabrics”.

Clayton Mansion

Clayton was the home of Henry Clay Frick. According to the museum’s website, the Fricks purchased Clayton for $25,000 in 1882. The house was smaller then: eleven rooms, and on 1.43-acres of land. “An astonishing 93% of the artifacts in the house are original”. (more…)