Support Your Neighbors, Shop Made-In-USA!

One of the biggest reasons we are proud to be American is just the sheer amount of greatness that occurs when you support your country. And while our factory is some 2,600 miles from our customers all the way in California, we know that we are all truly neighbors. The way we treat each other and the decisions we make will determine what direction we push ourselves as an entire nation.
Which is why we would really like to take this chance to stress the absolute importance of buying products that are made in the USA. This simple act makes a world of difference for the buyer, the seller, and the economy as a whole.

What Happens When You Buy Made-In-USA

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Places to Save Energy in Your Home

Energy Savings

Saving energy is the right thing to do. There’s only one planet Earth and we need to take care of it! One added benefit is energy efficiency saves you money. Often times, homeowners have misconstrued ideas about what is and isn’t energy efficient.

A recent study was conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology. This study finds that often times, people think that their most active electrical devices consume the most energy. However, often the other devices that we use infrequently are frequently the main culprits of an inefficient home.

Think about it, you will always turn the lights off because you’ve been taught that doing this is energy efficient. But “background” devices are afterthoughts because you don’t see them and engage with them on a day-to-day basis. (more…)

8 Dorm Decor Essentials You Must Grab Before Kicking Off the Semester!

Yes, we know, there’s still a ton of time left in the summer, but it’s never too late to start thinking about ideas when it comes to dorm room décor. We’ve put together a list of 8 essentials you must have before kicking off your semester!

1. Extra Storage Space

Dorm rooms are small by nature; why not create some extra space with a unique storage solution under your bed? This will be a great place to put things that you don’t use every day. Check out this beside storage solution that we found on etsy, how crafty is this basket?

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The American Home: 1776 – Today

When you live to be 239-years-old, you’re bound to go through a few phases. And I’m not just talking about your hippie phase, your punk phase, and so forth…I’m talking about interior design phases! From the conception of the United States all the way up until this very day, household style trends have undergone some intense changes. And as with most trends, sometimes what goes around does truly come around!
In honor of the United States’ most recent birthday as well as our Star Spangled Savings Event, we’re going to take a look at some of the most poignant moments in US home décor history!

Let’s start in the late 18th century, when the US was in its infancy.

American Colonial or Early American décor was inherently practical, since resources were relatively limited. Wealthy homes featured wainscoting, natural mahogany, or wood painted in earthtones. Wallpaper remained far too expensive for most people, and your average home usually had planked wood flooring.



Beat Summer Heat with the Right Window Treatments

Oh man, it’s HOT outside! Here at the headquarters in Vermont, summer has arrived in full force. Over the weekend temperatures were in the 80s and 90s, and I was pretty miserable because the light was absolutely unbearable in my apartment.

I would have loved to install a set of our double cell blackout shades in my bedroom, however, my apartment association has made it known that it’s against the rules to take out the outdated mini blinds that they’ve provided me. This has me disappointed to say the least. Waking up at 6AM every day is no fun, especially on the weekends!

Mini Blinds
Seriously, this is what I’m dealing with!


Easy Ways to Make Any House a Beach House!

Summer is here! And with summer come the beach and its many decorative inspirations. Who doesn’t feel at ease surrounded by shells, sea glass tones, and a light breeze? Today we’ve got some beach-inspired style tips, for whether you’re landlocked or the waves are knocking right at your door. Enjoy these mermaid-approved décor ideas this summer or all year round!

It’s the little things:

The easiest way to add a little bit of the beach to your home is to decorate with beach findings:

  • There is a LOT you can do with driftwood! Get creative with paints, or leave it plain as a statement piece above your fireplace! Screw in some hooks or funky looking dresser knobs to create a coat or jewelry rack!



How to Treat Large Windows

Having large open windows can be bittersweet. First off, they are mesmerizing when but when left untreated they can let in unwanted natural light and produce a significant amount solar heat gain. There are numerous that issues homeowners often face when treating these windows. The fabric and the operating mechanism needs to be right, and treating them is typically much more expensive because you’ll need more fabric to cover the window.

Today we want to go over some options that you have when it comes to treating larger windows, luckily we have multiple solutions for large windows. (more…)

Cats VS Shades: How to Combat Kitty Attacks

Oh, cats. What more can we even say about our little furry friends? They’re our companions, our babies, our personal jesters, and much more. Anyone who owns a cat knows what an adorable handful they can be.

A few things cats love the most are sunbathing, watching the outside world, and playing – particularly, playing with dangly string. So it goes without saying that windows are a hot spot for cats, and window shades are either a plaything or a blockade from their access to warm sun and their view of life beyond their home. In fact, every so often we hear from customers with shades that suffered the fate of a curious kitty’s claws, or we get questions from proactive pet owners on how to keep their shades safe. Well, we’ve got some answers!